Why do we focus on the STEM subjects?

We are a co-educational college dedicated to providing a world-class education in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) to students aged 15 to 19  fifteen who are aiming for entry to the world’s leading universities such as Oxford, Cambridge and top Russell Group universities in the UK.

Our students aim for the highest grades at A level and will, therefore, be in a strong position to obtain a place at a leading university of their choice. Find out more about our current University Destinations, including Oxbridge offers for 2019, and our outstanding A level results.

STEM subjects are not only academically rigorous but also equip students with powerful transferrable skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving and teamwork. We are a modern, purpose-built STEM college with state of the art laboratories and the very latest technical equipment.

Students who study STEM subjects at A level are equipping themselves with extremely valuable qualifications in areas of knowledge which are in demand in both higher education and the world of work.

Qualifications in STEM subjects lead to a variety of exciting and rewarding career opportunities in a vast number of fields, such as:

  • Hospitals and Healthcare – medicine, research, pharmaceuticals

  • Architecture and Design

  • Engineering

  • Aerospace and Transport

  • Energy and Environment

  • Food and Agriculture

  • Telecoms and Information Technology

  • Finance and Accountancy

  • Entertainment – Films, Game Development, Music

A degree in a STEM subject can make a huge contribution to the big challenges facing our society today: finding new energy sources, climate change, feeding a growing world population, improving our health and wellbeing through life sciences, and safeguarding our personal data and wealth from cyber attacks.

Women in STEM Conference

This year we launched our first ”Women in STEM Conference” event as part of the worldwide celebrations for International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2020 on 21st February.

As a 21st century STEM college, we are committed to inspiring the next generation of Women in STEM. Our two keynote speakers for the event have themselves been inspired to follow a career in STEM  and are both making significant contributions in the fields of planetary science and mathematics. Our students were hugely excited to hear them speak and take part in this event. 

Year on year, our female students excel in global STEM competitions such as the Euclid Mathematics and the chemistry, biology, physics and computer science Olympiads. Our alumni are now studying for degrees in areas traditionally under represented by women- Computer Science, Aeronautical Engineering, Neuroscience, Astro Physics etc.

One of our current students, Ploy has recently been offered a place to study Electrical Engineering at St Peter’s College, Oxford University.  

Our 2020 Women in STEM conference Keynote speakers:



Thank you to Dr Beth Romano and Hannah Sargeant for inspiring and motivating the next generation of women in STEM!👏
We were inspired by hearing your journeys first hand – and by seeing some actual NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration lunar soil!🌘


Useful online resources for Women in STEM


Set up to inspire the next generation of females and non binary into STEM by showing them the amazing women already in STEM via a series of free panel events, hackathons, exhibitions, and mentoring schemes throughout the UK. Very active on social!


STEM Women 

Specialise in addressing the gender imbalance in STEM fields by hosting networking event, free online careers events for STEM students and graduates.


Cambridge Association for Women in Science and Engineering 

A  regional network for women in Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths and Medicine (STEMM).  Bringing together women from both industry and academia. CamAWiSE acts as a source of support, information and inspiration; active online community.



A collection of videos and essays from women in NASA to inspire girls everywhere to explore the myriad of opportunities available to them through pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.