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Societies Podcast

Find out how societies allow students to explore their passions

In our latest podcast we’re talking all about clubs and societies with Kieron Lambert, Head of Physics, and some of our Year Two A level students. Helia shares with us her passion for maths and the creative aspects she can explore in Maths Soc, Jonty tells us about starting Philosophy Soc and Ilan gives us the lowdown on Robo Soc 🤖.

So along with the scheduled academic subjects, we have two or three hours a week, which are set aside for societies, what these societies can be based around varies dramatically.

We’ve had everything from journalism to subject based societies such as Chemistry Circle, Nature Soc /Biology Soc, it’s just a nice break to try and explore things you’re interested in.

People found new societies, basically every term and you get to try out things you didn’t really ever expect, you’d be able to try.

Which ones aren’t I involved in? I am applying for maths. So naturally, I’m in Math soc, I founded and ran Philosophy Soc, which is what we’re going to be talking about today. I was involved in Journalism Soc. Last year, I was editing the school newspaper, and the Chess Society, which is very popular, as you can imagine, in a science College.

Also, quite recently, there was a Quiz Soc which was founded, which is something quite out of left field … We just play British and American game shows together.”

Jonty , A level Programme Year Two

Jonty (Second left) with the Journo Soc

Find out more about which university courses Helia, Ian and Jonty applied for and their current offers for (Edinburgh, Imperial, Durham and Manchester) as well as how societies have helped them delve deeper into their individual interests.

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