Our teachers and students are truly passionate about science and mathematics. Prepare to be challenged, surprised and inspired.

At the National Mathematics and Science College we focus on and specialise in teaching Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Economics. Our aim is that all our students achieve the highest grades and then progress to degrees in these subjects, or for example degrees in Medicine and Engineering. Our objective is to prepare them for the intellectual challenges of studying alongside the world’s future business and political leaders and future university researchers. We believe we can do this because the College:

  • Recruits only the best science teachers with proven track records at A level
  • Has small class sizes
  • Allocates an Academic Tutor to every student on an individual basis
  • Delivers generous teaching hours
  • Exercises a close monitoring system which parents can consult
  • Provides additional tutoring by doctoral and postgraduate students
  • Supports the language needs of each student through its integrated IELTS  course improving A level performance
  • Encourages independent learning  through the EPQ,  a national qualification highly regarded by leading universities
  • Has invested in new state of the art laboratories and classrooms fitted with the latest IT learning support hardware and software.

Extended Project Qualification

The EPQ will set you apart from other candidates, and allow you to independently explore any topic you desire. All that matters is that you are passionate about it.

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is of particular interest to world class higher education institutions as it has been designed to provide students with the skills needed to succeed at university. It is a qualification highly prized by world leading universities.

As a NMSC student you will be required to take EPQ, usually in your second year. It provides you with the opportunity to focus on a specific theme or area of personal interest and conduct your own enquiry. You will be supported by a project supervisor and you will develop the skills needed for independent study and work that are essential for university success.

You may choose one of the following areas of study:

  1. An existing area of study linked to an A Level subject, or
  2. An area of personal interest or an activity outside the main programme of study, possibly linked to careers, community work or enterprise.

This national qualification carries the same weight as an AS level and, more importantly, it is highly regarded by university admissions tutors.

Digital Learning

Teaching and learning at the College will utilise state-of-the-art education technology to promote a truly effective digital learning ecosystem both inside and outside the classroom.

Teaching will use the latest student interactive, feedback and collaborative technologies to maximise the classroom learning experience. Teachers make frequent use of our fleet of iPads to assist learning and engage learners within the classroom. Outside the classroom, students will be supported through a cloud-based learning system. Students can:

  • access their lesson timetable and College announcements,
  • make and revisit academic notes,
  • submit homework,
  • communicate with teachers

Our teachers are constantly exploring new ways of using technology to enhance learning. There is a strong interest in scientific computing within the faculty and students can expect to see how computers are used in industry and academia.

Research shows that when students are engaged, motivated and interacting with their peers as well as their teachers, their learning is maximised and their academic attainment is significantly improved. By transforming a vision of a digital learning ecosystem into reality, The National Mathematics and Science College will enable students to reach higher and achieve more.

Expectations of teachers and students

The most important resources our students have: their teachers.

All our teachers have proven track records. As experts in their subject we expect them to:

  1. Be passionate about teaching their subject to young people,
  2. Take a genuine interest in each student, providing detailed and clear feedback to each student about how they can improve their work and achieve grades A and A*.
  3. Be the most important resources our students have.

All our students have been carefully selected for their academic potential. We expect them to:

  1. Recognise the investment their parents are making and to respond to that with hard work and dedication to their course of study.
  2. Complete their assignments and dedicate the specified hours of personal study time to each of their chosen A Level. This will allow them to take full advantage of the high quality teaching they receive in the classroom and in the laboratory.
  3. Engage positively in the EPQ and IELTS programmes in preparation for their studies at university.
    Participate fully in the Co-curriculum Programme to develop themselves as well rounded young people.

Find out more about our teachers here.