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The NatMatSci Podcast Launch

Welcome to the NatMatSci Podcast, unscripted and unplugged, we give you an idea of what life is really like at a 21st century STEM sixth form from our staff and students!

For our first episode #001 we chat to our Principal, Dr Andy Kemp:- what he thinks makes the college such a special place, the benefits of a specialist education, future plans and what a typical NatMatSci student is like?

As well as finding out what he loves doing when not immersed in the NatMatSci world of maths and science.

If there’s anything you would like to hear more about: boarding life, enrichment, food options or just how much we LOVE maths and science – post in the comments section below!

🗣🎙 Catch the full episode and subscribe here :-

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