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NatMatSci students progress on to top universities in the UK and the world.

We are delighted to share the university destinations for our 2021 leavers. At NatMatSci we run a tailored university preparation programme, designed to give our students the best chance to achieve their potential and gain access to the best universities worldwide. This approach enables our students go on to some of the top universities in the UK and the world.

We are incredibly proud of last year’s leavers, now alumni, who achieved a record set of A level results with 93%
of all grades being awarded an A* or A, and 70% of all grades being awarded an A*. This enabled them to
go on to an excellent group of universities both in the UK and internationally, including five gaining places
at Oxford and Cambridge. The complete list of destinations is included below:

• Integrated Mechanical and Electrical Engineering at Bath University Bath University
• Accounting and Management at Bristol University
• Medicine at Brunel University
• Mathematics at Cambridge University (St John’s College)
• Natural Science (Earth Science) at Cambridge University (St Edmund’s College)
• Mathematics and Statistics at Edinburgh University
• Software Engineering at Edinburgh University
• Biological Sciences (Zoology) at Edinburgh University
• Aeronautical Engineering at Imperial College London (President Scholarship awarded)
• Biology at Imperial College London
• Mathematics with Management and Finance at King’s College London
• Product Design Engineering at Loughborough University
• Pharmacy at Manchester University
• Chemistry at Oxford University (Lincoln College)
• Biology at Oxford University (Christ Church College)
• Chemistry at Oxford University (Merton College)
• Pre-Med at Penn State (USA)
• Law at Queen Mary’s University of London

Find out more about our A level Programmes and if you would like to hear more from our 2021 leavers, tune in to our NatMatSci podcast where we chat to Vadim, Natalija, Dylan and Pele, who are now studying at Edinburgh University, Warwick University and QMUL.

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