Welcome to our new school Principal, Dr Andy Kemp!

We all know that the world has changed. Recent events around the globe, most notably, but not only the pandemic, have forced us to reassess our priorities. In very sharp focus right now are the future careers of our children. The UK Prime Minister is saying ‘ Build, build, build’ Lord Baker, the well-known parliamentarian and educationalist is saying ‘Train, train, train.’

Manufacturing. Engineering. System Design. Creation.

These skills are what we need now and in the coming decades. And therefore, the time for The National Mathematics and Science College has never been more right. To capitalise on the opportunities that lie ahead for us and our students, we are delighted to welcome our new Head, Dr Andy Kemp. Dr Kemp has a degree in Mathematics from Warwick University, an MSC in Mathematics Education and a Doctorate in Education. He was formerly Head of the academically renowned Senior Schools at the Stephen Perse Foundation in Cambridge. With these qualifications, he is ideally placed to drive us forward at the fast pace that suits our students and that meets the needs of the world around us.  

Here are a few of the things about us that attracted Dr Kemp:  

  • we are the only international school in the UK dedicated entirely to STEM
  • as such, we are unique, and uniquely well placed to propel your child into the sphere of qualifications most in demand today and tomorrow
  • we teach not what to think, but how to think. In doing so, we prepare our students for academic life at the very top universities
  • we score, per capita, more highly than any other school in the UK in the high-stretch Mathematics and Science Olympiads
  • we focus on ‘Practicals’, much to the joy of our students
  • we set no limit on how fast a student can progress