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Rio takes a bow after his presentation ”Squaring Larger Integers”, Maths Fest 2022

A fantastic day of lectures and meeting maths legends at The Royal Institution, London ‘Maths Fest’ 2022

On 8th February, fourteen students from the college visited Maths Fest 2022 at the Royal Institution London: a beautiful historic building teeming with academic history from throughout the centuries. For eight of the students the trip was a well-earned reward for their excellent Maths presentation as part of last year’s NatMatSci Maths Slam competition.

Notably, all of these presentations were excellent and as a result uploaded to the Maths Fest website where our Year One student Rio’s outstanding work was selected for the real thing. This was amazing. He can square two- and three-digit numbers in his head! No mean feat!

We enjoyed a whole day of interesting lectures on wide-ranging topics including discovery ‘Why Wireless Signals Don’t Interfere With Each Other’, the ‘Mathematics of Music Scales’ and ‘How Social Distancing affected Escape Routes’.

We were also very fortunate to meet some of the excellent presenters including Matt Parker, James Grime, Rob Eastaway and Ben Sparks. The fans in us came out and we had our calculators signed by them and took lots of selfies. Joy even received a t-shirt for solving a complicated puzzle.

It was a fantastic day for our mathematicians!

Tunde Warren, NatMatSci Maths Department

Meeting maths legend, James Grimes

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