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Physics Olympiad

Rising Stars, 6 NatMatSci Year 1 Physicists awarded top Gold Medals at the British Physics Olympiad 2023

Our Year 1 Physicists performed fantastically well in the Senior Physics Challenge competitions, run by the British Physics Olympiad. This paper contains ideas based on Year 1 A level material, but with extremely difficult questions designed to confuse and frustrate the most able students in the country. Every mark is very hard to score.

British Physics Olympiad Results 2023


6 students achieved the highest Gold Awards, demonstrating skill amongst the very best young physicists in the country. They were Taowen, Vanya, Vova, Misha, Kai and Harry.


10 students achieved Silver awards, showing that they were very skilled at studying conceptually difficult problems and scored amongst the highest marks.


18 students achieved Bronze awards, a great achievement on a very difficult paper.

It is extremely rare for a single school to achieve so many awards. Huge congratulations to the NatMatSci Physicists!

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