Physics Olympiad

Physics Olympiad
Of the whole Year 13 group who took part, 67% got medals, including 3 silvers.
Of the Year 12 group – 50% of whom entered the competition a year early; 50% got medals including a Gold (Top 50) from Robbie Cui – an astounding result a year early!
Robbie will be entered for Round 2 in January 2018

Between 35,000 and 40,000 students sit A level Physics in the UK each year (plus IB and PreU students) of whom ~10% will get an A* – only 1740 sat this Physics Olympiad paper so these results represent an excellent achievement.

The Y12 students will be entered for the BPhO AS Challenge paper in March.

Another outstanding story of success for one of the UK’s highest achieving STEM 6th Form Colleges; The National Mathematics and Science College.